Atrium Health Navicent Wellness Center

Membership options for Children and Youth Under 18

  • Children and youth ages 10–17 are eligible for membership with signed parent/guardian consent, although exclusions may apply. A student ID or parent ID may be required. Fitness floor equipment may not be appropriate for these members.
  • These members are highly encouraged to complete an assessment and beginner's circuit with an exercise physiologist. Equipment usage and gym etiquette will be addressed.
    • AGES 10–15 must be supervised by a parent/guardian or adult member at all times.
    • AGES 16 and up are eligible for unsupervised visits after the initial sign up with parent or guardian.
    • AGES 10–17 are permitted to take some group fitness classes, although some classes may be inappropriate. Our exercise physiologist or group fitness supervisor can advise.
    • UNDER AGE 10 should be in Child's Play and are not eligible for membership unless they have been medically referred to begin an exercise program.
      • AGE 8–9 that have been medically referred, or fall under other special circumstances, are required to meet with an exercise physiologist at least one time ($55 for one hour or two 30-minute sessions) to ensure they have a deliberate, safe exercise program in place.
    • UNDER AGE 8 are not permitted in the fitness area at any time. No exceptions.

(Access will not be granted to members/parents/guardians with an outstanding balance.)