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What is Pediatric Robotic Surgery?

Navicent Health offers state of the art technology with the da Vinci robotic surgical system for pediatric surgeries.  Our doctors are skilled and trained to operate through small, dime-sized incisions and maneuver “robot arms” to perform your child's surgery with tiny surgical instruments. During robotic surgery, the doctor sits at a console a few feet from your child and views the surgical area through a tiny camera that shows three-dimensional images on a TV screen that is magnified at 14 times greater than what the human eye can see.

The robotic arms can move in more ways that a human wrist can move.  This allows the surgeon to be more precise, complex motions that aren't possible without the assistance of the robot. This means our surgeons can offer more types of surgeries to children.  Some of the surgeries include:

Nissen Fundoplication (Anti-reflux surgery)
Heller Myotomy
Thoracic Procedures (removal tumors in chest and lung masses)
Pyeloplasty (reconnect ureter)
Repair of the Diaphragm

Robot-assisted surgery is a type of minimally invasive procedure which is a or laparoscopic surgery.  As with other types of minimally invasive surgery, your child will have smaller scars than with open surgery, which uses a longer incision. Your child is likely to heal faster with less pain and go home from the hospital sooner, too. The surgeons who use the robotic assisted surgery will consider all possible methods of surgery and will recommend the best type of surgery for your child's needs.